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Herb It Up

By: Rivka Sirkin

Want to know an easy way to spice up your meals? Having an herb garden is a great way to add amazing flavor to your dishes and create a livelier environment within your home. Unlike other house plants, you can actually use the herbs that you are growing. Talk about instant gratification! These herbs can be used for all different kinds of DIY activities. This includes freshly made tea, bar soup, and essential oils. From a culinary perspective, herbs can be dried and used to promote flavor in dishes, or you can add them in fresh. 

So what are some easy herbs to grow at home? 

Rosemary is a green pine needle shaped herb that can be grown in the springtime. It does well under heat. So it is great to use when cooking soups or braising meats. Mint is another easy herb to grow that has bright green leaves. Fresh mint leaves are great in a hot cup of tea, or even to add to your morning smoothie. You can also add it into homemade salad dressing to give your salads a unique flavor. Last but not least, parsley is great to add to hot soups, or use as a garnish for salad. It is similar to cilantro, but has a milder flavor. 

Adding fresh herbs to your meals is a great and easy way to get some extra vitamins and minerals into your diet. For example, consuming one cup of chopped parsley can give you all the vitamin K that you need for the day. It is also high in flavonoids that have anti-cancer properties. 

If you are going to try experimenting in the kitchen with fresh herbs remember to wash them well and don’t be afraid to have fun with it.

Happy Cooking!


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