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Perks of Being an SNDA Member

  • Promote Nutrition & Health

  • Get Active on Campus and within the Community

  • Meet Other Students

  • Build Your Resume with Volunteer Experience

  • Leadership Opportunities

  • Career Networking

  • Help Others in Need

  • Fun and Friendships

  • Plus, receive recognition as an active volunteer at our Annual Member Award Ceremony (AMAC) for your contributions   to SNDA & the Community!

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Active Member Awards

What is an Active Member Award?

  • Our Active Member Award is presented by the Nutrition Science faculty each semester to those members that complete 10 or more volunteer hours.​

  • The Active Member Award looks great on a resume and shows your dedication to making SNDA a better organization.​

  • Members will need to track their service hours and turn them into an SNDA officer before the announced deadlines.​

  • We have 2 categories of service hours. SNDA Event Participation Hours and Community Service Event Hours. Members can earn hours in both categories and at least 2 of the 10 completed hours should come from SNDA Event Participation Hours.​

  • Active members help our organization grow and flourish! We look forward to seeing everyone at a future event! 

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