UNLV's Student Nutrition & Dietetic Association

The Student Nutrition and Dietetic Association (SNDA), sponsored by the Nutrition Sciences program at UNLV, provides its members with leadership, networking, and volunteer opportunities while raising awareness about nutrition and physical activity. The association’s creed “By the Students, For the Students” represents the positive impact that its members make in educating the public and helping each other.

2019 - 2020 Officers

Alicia Williams


Enrique Nieto




vp of activities

Erica Calva


Delancey Dessaints-Prince

vp of comm


The board welcomes these appointed members, as their combined talents and knowledge will help develop and strengthen the culture of our organization.

  • Academy Student Liaisons: Carsyn H.

  • Service Chair: Ashley B.

  • Fundraising Chair: Niella C.

    • Fundraising Committee: Kylie M.

  • Food Day Chair: Bekah M.

  • SNDAces Chair: Macy H.

  • Blood Drive Chair: Brittney R.

    • Blood Drive Committee: Brianna D.

  • Garden Chair: Wade W.

    • Garden Committee: Drew D., Christina W., Kayley M., Heather C. & Luis D.

  • Head of Content: Megan T.

  • Design Chair: Kalaneet S.

  • Media Chair: Erin C.

  • Photographer & Historian: Camilla H.

  • National Nutrition Month Chair: Karen N.

    • National Nutrition Month Committee: Kylie M.

  • Culinary Chair: Shaun S.

    • Culinary Committee: Brandon S., Lauren T., Gizelle N., Jennifer B. & Delia R.

  • Right Hand Chair: Romina B.

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