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Fall is Upon Us!

By Rivka Sirkin

November is almost here! Fall produce is in full swing, which means you may have seen some changes in seasonal produce at the grocery store. Some seasonal produce that grow well in the month of November include pears, pomegranates, banana, persimmon, cauliflower, white cabbage, celery, and pumpkins. Eating enough fruits and vegetables is incredibly important in order to get all the necessary nutrients they possess. With the flu season upon us, properly fueling the body is one of the best ways to help our body and immune system perform and function at optimal levels.

Each of these fruits and vegetables have their own individual amounts of nutrients. This is why it is beneficial, and often recommended, to eat a variety of different foods. Not only will it help eliminate boredom when it comes to eating, but it can help with getting all the nutrients the body needs.

If an individual were to consume all the fruits and vegetables listed above a few nutrients absorbed would be folate, vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin K.

  • Folate: Assists in repairing and replicating the body's cells as well as overall cellular health. 

  • Potassium: A large contributor to helping the body control blood pressure and in turn help with heart health. 

  • Vitamin C: Beneficial for absorbing iron, making collagen, and helping the immune system function properly. 

  • Vitamin K: Especially important for blood clotting. If one is deficient in vitamin K, they run the risk of excessive bleeding. 

  • Fiber: While it is not a vitamin or mineral, fiber is found in all of these foods. Fiber helps the digestive system function properly and increases bowel movements on a regular basis. 



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